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We are a startup based in Lithuania and are committed to providing complete guidance for your agriculture projects. With a range of sensors and a sophisticated smart application, SensoFarm takes care of all the hard work for you. Whether you have experience in farming or want to try your hand at something new, SensoFarm has got you covered.

As a growing startup, we are always looking for investment to help boost our progress. Our current plans for the coming year include receiving feedback from beta users of our mobile application, finalizing and releasing the app to the public, mass-producing our electronic hardware to reduce production costs, and marketing in Lithuania and the Baltics as our first target market.

SensoFarm offers solutions for both greenhouses and farms. In greenhouses, our IoT device measures temperature, humidity, and the humidity of the planting medium, and uses this data to guide you through necessary tasks. For farms, our app helps with the planting process and uses sensors to monitor soil moisture, humidity, and temperature, as well as weather data, to ensure optimal crop growth. At harvest time, the app will even teach you the best method for harvesting and how to use local resources for maximum profit.

Our IoT products include the SensoFarm IoT Gateway, which acts as a hub for connecting to various electronic components and has some of the main code saved on it for offline functionality. We also have temperature and humidity sensors, soil moisture sensors, and actuators for controlling and automating agriculture operations such as watering and heating/cooling in greenhouses.

Thank you for choosing SensoFarm as your reliable farming partner. We look forward to helping you on your agriculture journey.

Application and IoT device

SensoFarm Solutions


After deciding on the product, you need to choose the product and greenhouse type in the application. The IoT device will read the temperature and humidity inside and outside of the greenhouse and also the humidity of the greenhouse panting medium (Soil, peat, etc.). Based on data acquired and databases, The AI will decide on different operations and inform you of must-do tasks.

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Farm solutions

First, add your soil type and data to The app. Then AI will guide you through the planting process. After that soil moisture and humidity and temperature sensors as well as weather data will help the AI to decide on necessary tasks to do to ensure crop optimal growth. Then at harvest time, the app will teach you what’s the best harvest method and how to use local resources for maximum profit!

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