SensoFarm App and IoT device


Cross Platform App


Help farmer choose crop based on location, climate, profitability, risk and feasibility.

Teaching farmer exact method of operation for any crop chosen.

Helping through soil preparation, planting, growth and harvesting.

AI using sensors data to make real time decision

IoT Devices

Detecting Farm/Greenhouse/Growroom condition in real time

Give valuable data to farmer

Help minimize resource consumption like water and pesticide, etc.

Automating iterative tasks. like climate control in greenhouses or watering the farm, etc.


SensoFarm your smart farming buddy

After deciding on the product, you need to choose the product and greenhouse type in the application. The IoT device will read the temperature and humidity inside and outside of the greenhouse and also the humidity of the greenhouse panting medium (Soil, peat, etc.). Based on data acquired and databases, The AI will decide on different operations and inform you of must-do tasks.

Farm solutions

SensoFarm your smart farming buddy

First, add your soil type and data to The app. Then AI will guide you through the planting process. After that soil moisture and humidity and temperature sensors as well as weather data will help the AI to decide on necessary tasks to do to ensure crop optimal growth. Then at harvest time, the app will teach you what’s the best harvest method and how to use local resources for maximum profit!

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